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Pre-Conference Courses

Two Pre-Conference Workshops will be available on Wednesday 7th Sept. 2016:


Morning 09:00 - 12:00
Non invasive posterior root stimulation for assessment and modulation of spasticity and motor control

Winfried Mayr, Matthias Krenn, Milan Dimitrijevic

Transcutaneous stimulation of the lumbosacral spinal cord activates a subset of the same neuronal population as epidural spinal cord stimulation. Single stimuli elicit spinal reflexes in multiple lower limb muscles bilaterally in people with intact and altered CNS that can serve as test reflexes in neurophysiological studies. Current research investigates the applicability of continuous transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation in the rehabilitation of people with traumatic spinal cord injury (spasticity control, locomotor training). In the present workshop, we will present theoretical background, give a hands-on demonstration in an individual with intact CNS, and present pilot data of neuromodulation applications.

Afternoon: 13:00 - 16:00
FES of Denervated Muscles – An Essential Therapeutic Option after Peripheral Nerve Lesion

Winfried Mayr, Matthias Krenn, Peter Biowski

The workshop is designed as a hands-on workshop with a comprehensive introduction on physiological, clinical and technical basics, safety issues, handling of equipment and guidelines for supervised home based therapy. As FES of denervated muscles differs fundamentally from classical neuromuscular FES the main particularities are addressed in an open interactive discussion. The goal is to train qualified medical staff to a level that allows confident, safe and efficient clinical application of this novel method, and providing them a clear view on achievable therapeutic benefits, limitations and potential specific risks.

Learning objectives:

  • Difference between upper and lower motor neuron lesion
  • Equipment and electrical parameters for direct muscle stimulation
  • Guidelines for clinical application / home-based therapy
  • Therapeutic benefits, limitations and risks

Costs: 150€ (includes hand-outs, 2 coffee breaks, lunch)

Payment: During your registration or cash during the Workshops or at the Registration desk

Registration: Please send an eMail to Melitta Pichler


Center for Biomedical Engineering and Physics

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